Sunday, November 19, 2006

November Recovery

So November is almost at it's end! I've had a great recovery post IM, and have been doing just whatever my little brain feels like doing. Nothing really structured, but just making sure that I do a little something almost every day. If I miss a day...big deal!

Have been doing core work with friends, and trying to keep my running going. Am trying out mountain biking for the next couple of weeks....just to see if I want to get a mountain bike itself.

Did N'Telos 8k in Richmond last week - 32:54. Race itself was o.k, but my recovery isn't quite over yet. Legs felt great, but the heart/lungs were not too happy with me. Turkey Trot is Thursday - so a short 5k that will be painful is in order for the day. Besides that it will be a food fest!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On to the real vacation!

Kauai is not just for the birds!

After a short couple of hops on a small plane we made it to our second destination - Kauai. Talk about a really cool island! Lots of mountain peaks just outside the door, ocean only a bit away, and if I was a surfer I probably would be in heaven. But seeing as I'm just a big chicken...

First day we took a bit of a hike up some trail that was unbelievably challenging considering most of the trails we run on are pretty tame. Of course the destroyed big toes of my feet weren't happy with me, and my body was still trashed from Saturday's race, it was a great way to get the excess lactic acid and the adrenaline flowing. (see pictures)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I paid the photographer for this one ;>)

Race Day
Got up early.
Ate breakfast (oatmeal, coffee and juice)
Got the race site at 5am
Took all of 5 minutes to get body marked.
Sat around for 90 min waiting for the start.

I wish all races were that uneventful leading up the the event. We got in the water with about 12 minutes until race time. Tread water for a bit, talk to a few of the other swimmers, and then the cannon goes off!

I thought I had seeded myself appropriately, but it turns out I probably could have moved up further in the pack, as I got stuck behind a lot of slower people for quite a bit. But I stayed patient, worked my way around them when I could, and just stay relaxed and smooth. I have to say that this was one of the best IM swims I've ever had in terms of having space to swim (probably 40% of the race), and was able to set my rhythm to suit my desire. In hindsight I could have gone faster with not much more effort, but hey I had fun on the swim. No Ruth...I did not use your joke, although I thought about it while swimming (Hey...does this ocean make my butt look big?).

Swim time 1:06 (from what I've read it was the same as Natascha Badmann's), T-1 was quick and uneventful with the exception that I never knew that pier was so LOOONNNNGGG. Seems to take forever to run around, get your bike, and then run out.

The Bike - Best time for the Kona course for me. Roughly 20 min faster than three years ago, and mentally 20 times easier.

I get on the bike, and right away I start to get passed by what literally seemed like 100's of riders (Jack informed me that it was 500). So this made me even happier....really! It meant that I had a REALLY GOOD swim.

First 65 miles were in a mild headwind. All the way to the turnaround point. We start climbing to Hawi, and the wind really starts to come at us. Which made it for some fun times. One guy passed me, and I turned to him and said, "My friend told me that this was a FLAT course"....he laughs and tells me my friend must have been lying.

We get to the turnaround point where I pick up my Frozen bottle of Endurox (which was no slush, but tasted really great) and my Red Bull. I joke to the volunteers that I was hoping that it would give me 'Wings'. Which it sort of did because then we get to leave Hawi with a great tailwind. We literaly flew down the hill. And then when the hill ended, yep......the wind changed.

We now had a headwind again. Nothing really bad mind you, but enough to slow you down by about 1 mph (or for a rider like me). So it was back to grinding away.

I now had the opportunity to share my jokes (thanks Trevor) with some of my rider friends, as at this point of the race I was continually trading places with Meredith (from New Jersy) and Caitlin (from Kaiula-Kona) for the last 35 miles.

Then at the 100 mile mark we start to get our tailwind back. Yee-haw! Right away I was up 2 mph+ faster. I felt great that last 12 miles of the ride, but I was ready to get off the bike as my feet had been killing me off and on during the ride, and I felt like my bike shorts were carrying heating pads in the sensitive locations.

T-2 was fairly quick. This time I felt like I was ready to run. I was actually smiling in the changing tents as I was putting my shoes on, and getting catered to by the volunteers. Cold wet towel? Sure! Sunscreen? You bet...oh missed a spot! Thanks! Off I go for my run.

The run: Right away I felt the humidity and heat in the town. First we climb up Palani for a block (which stunk), then down a side road for about 1/2 mile, then left down another road and we're back on Alii Drive heading out of town. Alii Drive runs right along the ocean which of course means that it will be a bit warmer and humid. It's sort of like running in Virginia at 3:00 in the afternoon in the middle of July. much fun!

We have several hills to climb over, and down, and then we get to do it all again on the way back in before heading out on the Queen K highway (which has no trees). I really dislike running along Alii Drive. Sure there are lot's of people to cheer you on, but the conditions don't make it enjoyable. At this point I am walking 20-30 steps, and running for a few minutes. When my heart feels like it's about to climb out of my throat I walk. Once it goes back into it's proper location I pick up and run again. I can't wait to get on the Queen K.

Of course first we get to climb for another block on Palani - which for those of you who live in the Burg is like running up Fall Hill Avenue to Silverland. of those hills that you're better off walking up than running up. So I do the smart thing, I walk. Otherwise I think my heart would have left my body.

Once on the Queen K it is walk through the aid stations grabbing either Coke or Gatorade, pouring water all over my body, putting ice down my pants or race top (good to put in shorts, but it does get a bit cold), and then at mile 16 they start bringing out the Magic Elixir, Chicken Broth. I know that just by taking this alone will help clear up any heartrate issues and cramping issues. Up to this point I haven't had any problems with the cramps, but I needed the extra protein and sodium for the remainder of the race.

I get to the Energy Lab - did some more walk breaks here as my heart was again going a bit faster than I needed it to. I still had 9 miles to go, and I wanted to be able to run the last 6 miles versus walking my way home.

Once I get out of the Energy Lab my energy is much better. It's still light out, and I can see that if I really work it I can get a course PR. But I would have to run. So since all systems were a go I started to develop a good pace. First aid station I came to (mile 20) I ran through, but grabbed some drink stuff/ice. Mile 21 walked through and got some broth. I only had 5 miles to go, and I knew that I could make it, but my right calf was starting to threaten to knot up on me so I walked for 5-10 seconds to relax my feet (usually works with this type of cramp), then picked it right back up.

Next stop coke/ice, and only 4 miles to go. At the aid station after that I picked up my last chicken broth. I only had 3 miles to go, and I had already stopped twice to visit the port-john. I knew that I didn't need much else for the remainder of the run. It was only 3.2 miles away, and I knew that just running through the aids stations was an good option. It was sort of amazing to me that during the entire run my quadriceps felt good the entire race. The only issues I really had was keeping my HR at marathon pace effort.

With two miles to go we approached Palani....which of course means that now I get to go straight downhill for 2 blocks. Right as I turn I feel my right toenail feel like it's just been separated from the toe (no, it's still their, but bruised/swollen), but I knew that I only had a little more to go.

I could hear the finisher announcer's voice in the distance, and could see some of the lights. I see Jack right after I turn my first left with less than a mile to go. I ask him how much further before I get to turn right (then have another right to get onto Alii Drive where the finish line is) and he says it's the next turn. Well....he was wrong! It was more like 4 more blocks. Man those were hard blocks to run. It was at this point that another woman passed me, but this was o.k. because all during the last 8 miles we had been encouraging each other whenever one of us stopped. I made sure that she had some distance between me and her at the finish line so that we would both have great finish pictures.

I remembered to 'blow a kiss' to all those who would never get a chance to do this race (thanks John Faith for this idea), and for all of you who made this a really special race for me. Because if it wasn't for all the love and support from everyone it would never have been as much fun or as motivating for me.

Once I crossed the line me and the other girl hugged and went our separate ways!

Then it was time go back to the condo and have that Beer that Dave Denied Me in 2003!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Twas the night before race day.....

And all through the condo, not a beer was drunken (because I'm saving it for tomorrow).

Hard to believe that the time has come. Today was uneventful, as I just went out and checked my bike and gear in, and then came back to the abode to eat, drink fluids, watch some t.v., and then it's off to bed after I finish this up.

Not nervous yet. Not sure if I want to be...but I'm sure that once I get in the water I'll start to get excited. Of course Ruth called me today and told me if I needed to laugh while swimming to just ask myself "Hmmm....does the ocean make my butt look big?"

Which of course brought a laugh to me, and this is probably what I'll think about once I get out there. Hopefully the surf will go down a bit, but the good news is that I've been swimming out there all week and it really isn't that bad (of course it might be totally different tomorrow).

What I will think of tomorrow is the following:'

The swim - I know that Betsy will be right in front of me so I can draft off of her (mentally). Of course it will probably be some dude from Germany, but I can pretend.

The bike - I know that I'll have Shelley on my rear wheel drafting off of me like the Tick she is....and I'll imagine her laughing at me when I try and shake her off my wheel. Seeing as I've only done that once in the past 3 years. And then there will be Sherry thinking too much behind us.

The run - Ruth. Running stride for stride with me like she did all summer.

Thanks I wouldn't have been able to do it all without you!

Oh...and special thanks to Graham for building a great training program to follow. I promise I only swore at you once. I think it was when I was doing the 4 x 3 mile repeats.

Until tomorrow!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Brother

Well....he does sort of look like me doesn't he?

This is Peter Reid - two time champion of this race. He's recently retired, and he looked like he was really enjoying himself when I interrupted him for a picture.

But like a true gentleman he took it in stride, and got someone to take a picture of me with him.

Time slides by when you're doing nothing!

Last two days have been fairly uneventful.

On Wednesday I first went for a swim with Tony Lyons at the Beach where we will start and swim. It's kind of fun to go out with a few hundred other folks, and then it gets interesting as you try to avoid running into someone as they are either coming in or going out.

Tony swam to the right of me most of the way out. I could always see him, and occasionally he would stop and look around like this Seal. I would then bark out 'Marco'...then after awhile he figured it out and would see me and shout 'Polo'. Then as you get out of the water you get to get your gear you checked in and a water bottle AND a bottle of Gatorade. Talk about service!

After our swim we went to Java Lava where it is rumored to host many a Pro Athlete's...and in civilian terms I guess you could call them 'Stars'. In fact I found one so good looking I had my picture taken with him.

After all this I got myself registered. For those of you who normally run races this just means that I checked in, got weighed, and given a huge spiel on what each and every bag is designated for come race day by my helpful volunteer Don (see above).

This race probably has twice the number of volunteers that Marine Corps Marathon does, and our government doesn't pay them to show up either :>)

Last workout for the day was an easy 60 min ride and 10 min run off the bike. It would have been easy but Jack and I decided to take a different route (trying to avoid the traffic in town) and ended up climing for about 3-4 miles. But it was fun going downhill for several miles.

Thursday: Go to the beach again for a short swim with Tony. Jack opts for the pool. After that I head over to find the Masters Women Breakfast. I had hoped to meet a few more athletes that are in my age category, but since I arrived late (due to my inept reading of e-mails and directions) I didn't get a chance to really schmooze with any of them. Did get to finish hearing Joanna Zieger giving a talk and taking questions though.

Then the afternoon was spent spending money at the expo (don't worry Niki, I didn't get you anything, but I did get Cam something), then going to the ART (active release technique) tent to get adjusted, then it was off to the condo to eat lunch and then hang out at the beach next to the hotel.

Where one of the local 'white' boys started to give this German guy grief about wearing a speedo. Of course this kid was drunk, plus it kind of was funny to listen to him call the guy a Wahine (white guy) when he himself was white. Or whatever slang term the folks here use for non-Hawaiians.

Off to the banquet where I drag my husband to eat some really crappy food, but the atmosphere is sort of cool. was worthwhile going to the breakfast because someone gave me that extra ticket!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dumped Jack, and got a new guy. Does this make me a BadAss? Or just a DumbAss?'s a priviledge, not a right!

Just to go back a we are on the little island jumper plane leaving Honolulu. My husband is sitting near these three young girls (who I thought were hookers, but were surfers) when one of them starts talking about how her Dad always says that spandex is a priviledge, not a right....this is so true even in the world of triathlon.

Some men should not wear spandex. Especially light colored spandex. I will say no more.

And what is it about women triathletes with boob jobs? You'd figure with all the unbelievably fit bodies out there you would figure that most are all comfortable with what God gave them. Obviously not. I even ran into a woman at the pool locker room today, who must be in her late 50's, who had them done.

Even so....Kona is covered with people who look like they've been genetically altered in some form. From normal people to these 'uber' people - If all Americans looked like this town I know for a fact that we would never have problems with those pesky oil countries. They'd be too scared of us. We'd all look like 'Arnold', only with really expensive bikes.

As you can tell I'm starting to go stir-crazy sitting around with not much to do. Yes, a envious position, and trust me I'm not whining. Just stating some facts.

I did swim today, nothing much, but I felt like I hadn't swam in over a month. Heart rate was up, I felt nauseous, and generally like a slug. Which is a good thing, because it means that I'm tapering. Or I am a slug.

Celebrity sightings for the day: Karen and Donna Smyers at the pool. Karen is a Pro, her sister is my competition (well...she wouldn't call me her competition). Even so...Karen did smile at me and say hi ;>)

More ramblings later!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Having a Rock n' Roll good time in Quakin' Kona!

Well...we got her Friday night. After 18 hours of travel we arrived at our condo, as which you can see is RIGHT on the WATER. The waves crashing outside our window will either put you to sleep or wake you up. That and having all that water pounding outside your window will really get your bladder working overtime!

I met one of my clients yesterday for the first time (face to face) - Tony Lyons from Canada! It was great to talk to him, and get to spend some time with him. We're also going to meet for a swim on Wednesday. you know from the news, we had an earthquake hit here this morning. I was just finishing up my breakfast when I felt this big shockwave. It was almost as if a bomb had been blasted a mile or so away, but instead of dying down, the quaking built up slowly to the point where it was time to move!

We headed for the kitchen door, but glasses were flying off the shelves, I had no shoes on, so decided to get in the bathroom door. After about 30-45 seconds later all was quiet. We did make our way outside, and then went back in after a few minutes to get our car keys (and the rest of my coffee and cell phone) so that we could get to higher ground in case of a Tsunami.

There was no radio station in operation, and all electricity was off. Good thing I was able to call my son and daughter to find out the news (like how big it was, and what caused it). After about 30-40 min we headed back to the condo, assuming that all was safe (and it was).

It's turned out to be a gorgeous day. I went for my first open water swim (where we saw last year's winner - Farris al Sultan), then it was time for lunch and a nap at the pool!

Will report more later!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Week of 10/2 -10/8

Easy week!

Typical swim on Monday, easy 60 min run on Tuesday, LR on Wednesday, Easy 90 min ride on Thursday, Friday a swim, and Saturday off (went to see Max swim at college), then 3 hour ride on Sunday w/short run off the bike.

Highlight of the week? Watching Irene turn into a Triathlete! Of course she wasn't too keen on the swim, but I think we have the makings of the most reluctant triathlete that there ever was. She looked great on the ride and run, and was able to pass a ton of folks on both sections of the race.

More importantly? She helped to motivate me for my coming race. It's always easy for a coach to think that doing one of these races is really no big deal, but for the majority the first swim is always the hardest thing most first timers ever have to do.

To be able to face your fears and overcome them is no small feat. So hopefully I can match Irene's courage at Kona!

Week - 9/30-10/2

Well...that last big triple brick didn't happen. We got started, and in 5 miles of the ride I just didn't feel right. Sometimes this feeling goes away once I warm up, but it kept getting worse. Something was not right, so I made the executive decision to stop the workout and go home and sleep.

Yep...a nap. A four hour nap to be precise. And then off to bed early that night. Up in the morning I felt better and decided to do a 60 mile ride. That sort of helped to make up for the missed workout, but I knew that it was the right thing in the long run.

So this past week I had my LAST big workout week.

Monday - 5000 swim
Tuesday - 3 hour ride with speed thrown in, and a run post ride
Wednesday - 14 mile run with speed work thrown in (1 mile, 1200, 2 x 600, 3 x 400, 3 x 200) - lots of fun!
Thursday - 3 hour ride
Friday - swim long again
Saturday - ride 2 hours
Sunday - Long ride 100 miles (alternate 10 miles easy, 10 miles hard) then 7 mile run. Rode the Cannonball Century - 5:25, and had a great ride!

Taper time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training for 9/18 to 24

Another hard week is in store for me!

Monday - swim 6000 meters + walk/measure the Braswell 5k course with Terry
Tuesday - Ride 3 hours (1 ez, 1 hard, 1 easy - hours) and run 45 min
Wednesday - run 2:45 with pick-up pace every two miles
Thursday - Ride 3 hours easy
Friday - run 6 miles + swim 5000
Saturday - Ride 40, run 5 miles, Ride 40, run 5, Ride 40, run 4
Sunday - Ride 2-3 hours easy

Week - 9/11-18

Recovery Week!

Last week was time to play. Nothing really hard, with the exception of the Jimbo 5k PR Challenge Race on Sunday. I was scheduled to run 8 miles so I made sure to warm up 3 miles before the race.

Competition is fierce in the Masters group for the Grand Prix Series, and Ruth, Cathy, and I are neck in neck. Only 2 points seperates each of us.

So I decided to take out the race hard. I know that this would throw off some people, and that by attacking the first mile I would be able to shake the 'trees' so to speak.

At mile 2 Ruth passed me...and then Julia Smith. I could hear Cathy behind me (and then I felt guilty for taking it out so hard, as she sounded like she was getting ready to have a full blown asthma attack), and knew that I couldn't let her pass me.

The last mile was tough. By the time we had a 1/2 mile to go I re-passed Julia (which I found hard to believe), and I just kept working hard to keep Cathy from cruising by me. Finish time was 19:52, 19;53 (Cathy), and 19:56 (Julia). Ruth spanked us with a 19:38.

Then we had a great cool down with Deb, Ruth, Johanna Allen (speedster, and winner of the race) and a young high school girl Leah Schubel. All in all a fun time was had by all!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Yikes...another long week

I must be getting punished for not doing my swim/run on Friday :)

Monday - swim 6,000 meters. Pool cold. Did it all.
Tuesday - ride 3 hours (30 min easy, 2 hours at OLY-level 3 effort pace, 30 min easy) the run 45 min (15 easy, 15 at IM, 15 easy). Rain held off during the ride, but the run got a little damp. Pooped afterwards.
Wednesday - fun and games at the track with Ruth. 4 x 3 mile repeats at 1/2 marathon pace effort. Good thing I'm getting slower! Descended each one: 22:53, 22:22, 22:02, 21:47 (total distance for workout - 16 miles)
Thursday - ride 3 hour easy, put some speed in here and there, then get off bike and run 20 min easy. No problems here.
Friday - swim 4000 (still yet to do)
Saturday - ride 120 miles (20 easy, 20 oly, 20 HIM, 20 IM, 20 at HIM, 10 at OLY, 10 ez) Then run 30 min.
Saturday - easy 8 mile run

Thank goodness next week is a recovery week!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wed. Night Track Workout

On Wednesdays I coach a track workout for my runners. This week was no exception, other than the fact that I got to have Tammy Muncee sing me 'Happy Birthday' in a very loud and wonderful voice, and I got to bring home about a case of beer!

Bill R had marathon pace miles to do, which of course he did at Hartwood 10 mile pace. Caren Walker stuck to her times for 6 x 1200, and Tammy and Wendy Taylor are just newbies on the track and they did 6 x 400 w/200 jog at 80% effort.

The rest of the crowd (Deb, DanP, JackM, ScottM, BobMac, and NickD) did 1200's - 800 at 10k effort, then 200 at 5k effort, then 200 at full out speed. Scott averaged 3:55's with the lowest being 3:45, and Bob at 4:05's (give or take a few seconds). Nick and Jack held them at 4:15-20's, and Dan around 5:05 and Deb at 5:15.

Week - 8/28 to 9/3

It's Birthday week! And what does Debi get to do on this week?

Monday - swim 5000
Tuesday - run 30 min, ride 2 hours (30ez, 30 at Oly pace, 30 ez, 15 Oly pace, 15 ez), then 30 min run (10ez, 10fast, 10 ez). It must have been high 90's and humidity off the chart. After my first 30 min run I was drenched. The good news is that you do get to cool down on the ride. That and towards the end a storm blew through and dropped the temps to 75 (from 95 when I started riding), so the last run went off without a hitch.
Wed - off (was supposed to run long today, but have moved it to Sunday)
Thur - Did Saturday's workout (didn't want two hard days back to back) - 112 miles ride (did 114) as 10 miles ez, 10 at oly, 10 at HIM, 10 at IM, then repeat that mix, and then 10 ez, 15 at IM pace, 10+ ez. Then it was off the bike for a 45 min run (15ez, 15LT, 15ez). Rode with Shelley (the wheel sucker), Betsy Butler and Sherry. Sherry has now learned that she can't drink Red Bull on her rides. Causes the HR to jack up to the stratosphere, and slows her down. Me? It just gives me wings! Ride was hard, but could have been worse. The temps held on average of 70 degrees, and for the most part the rain preceeding Tropical Storm Ernesto stayed away. Run was uneventful, and managed rather well.
Today (Friday) I have to figure out when I'm going to swim. Lunch time wiht the ladies to celebrate the coming 48th year.
Saturday - 3 hour easy ride + 20 min run
Sunday - 14 mile run with speed thrown in.

Week - 8/20-27

This week was a recovery week! Easy stuff.

I moved my easy ride on Sunday to Monday (due to family stuff), swam on Tuesday, ran long with Ruth on Wed (14 miles), took Thursday off, swim Friday, easy ride and 15 min run on Saturday, and then had to race on Sunday.

Hartwood 10 miler: 1:12:44 - 4th overall, 1st Masters (well, Ruth was first, but she finished 3rd).
It was as humid as it was air temperature. Plan was to start out at around 7:20 pace, and then slowly drop the time down to 7:00 or better. Had Ruth, Mike Brooks, and Dan Peterson to join in the run party.

First couple of miles went well, and we were right on target. Then the hills really hit. I never seem to remember just how hilly this course is. And each year it's like a slap in the face. It's one thing to run it easy, but to demand your body to run it hard takes a lot more out of you.

Either way I told the gang that I wasn't going to be picking up any speed, and that I was most likely going to stay right where I was (which on average is what we did, so that was a success). By mile 8 though Ruth had some gas in her tank and she took off. She asked if I was o.k....and I told her to go for it. Then Dan went with her (he had a great race). Me and Mike finished relatively strong, but that one mile when Ruth and Dan pulled ahead took some of the steam out of our sails for a short bit of time before we recovered (or I did). I think all it took was for Rolondo to pass me with a bit more of a mile to go when I got re-energized. Didn't repass him, but he didn't get any further out in front of me.

Oh well....another year down the drain with Hartwood. The good news is that I got to jump in the water and do a nice long cool down swim.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week of 8/14-20

Another tough week in the works!

Monday - swim 4000 at the YMCA outdoor pool with the obligatory ride down the slide

Tuesday - Ride 2.5 hours w/9 x 10 min fast/5 min easy, then off the bike for a 45 min run (middle 15 min at IM pace). This workout hurt at the end. Waited until late in the day to do it, and diet wasn't optimal. Ride went well, but the run was harder.

Wednesday - Run 19 miles with Ruth at 5:45 am. Started out doing the 6 min normal - 2 min faster, 1 min walk, but Ruth fell about 90 min into the run, and I just didn't have any more juice in the tank. I was lucky I finished the run at all - time 2:37

Thursday - Ride 50 miles (3 hours) with Jack, Shelley, Lars, and new guy Phil. Nice morning, ride was good.

Friday- 5,000 swim - 300 w/u, 12 x 300 (odds smooth, evens build speed) w/20 SR, and then 10 x 100 IM - overall felt good. Then went down the water slide two times - wheee!

Saturday - the Super Brick Workout
40 mile ride, 5 mile run, 40 mile ride, 5 mile run, 40 mile run, 4 mile run
Total time: 9:45
Ride time: 7:07
Run times (total): 1:55 - yep held average about 8 min miles

Started at 7:00 am with Sabo and Jack. Sabo got through the first set, but on the second ride his tire blew. Found out he hitched a ride back to the cars, but haven't heard if he finished his riding...hmmmm.

This left Jack and I. Initially I thought he was only going to do maybe 1 or 2 legs of the workout, but then he informed me (well, never really informed me, but when he kept getting his running shoes on, or his biking shoes on it became apparent) that he would need more fluids.

Anyway, he truly helped keep me going. For the last leg of the ride we decided to go a different route. Which of course brought up some arguments, but that was all good as it helped to get the brain back into functioning mode. At one point we needed an extra 3 miles to be able to finish. We headed out down the Dogue road to route 3, I thought we were to turn onto 3 and finish (thus being 2 or so miles short, and at this point I could have cared less), but nope....Jack wanted us to turn back, and then finish the normal way. It was almost like telling a kid that they weren't going to have a birthday party. Yes, I was sort of disappointed, but at the same time I was also determined to finish the entire ride (turns out we did 41.5 miles).

I was amazed that our last run we still maintained close to an 8:00 mile effort. And it helped to know that there was a hose with fresh cool water to wash us down as soon as we finished.

Kona here I come.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What to wear?

Biggest issue now is what to wear for the swim at Hawaii. Waiting to hear back from some sources who've had years of experience there.

All I know is that I don't want to end up with the same chafing or drag issues I did last time. And my 3-Sport outfit is like wearing a freaking parachute in the water.

On the Road to Kona

In the past 8 weeks I've slowly built up both my bike mileage, but more importantly my confidence that I will do well at Kona.

From the occasional Triple Brick workout to the long rides, or the torturous LONG running workouts.....I feel stronger than ever!

Since this is my recovery week there won't be much to post as to what I've done, but I am enjoying the break.

This week:
Monday - easy swim. Water too warm, and only able to get in 2000 yards (I think I might be exagerrating here)
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - 75 min easy ride + 20 min off bike.
Thursday - 90 min swim workout. Total=5,000 meters, plus I got to go down the HUGE water slide afterwards
Friday - 8 mile run easy. Was supposed to run with Ruth at 6:00 am, but it seems I've been scratching my brain (see "Benchwarmers") too much and set my alarm for 6 instead of 5. Might go for easy 60 min ride later.
Saturday - 3 hour ride
Sunday - scheduled 4 x 3 miles at: 1 mile moderate, 1 mile at tempo, 800 at 10k, 800 at 5k - workout.