Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week of 8/14-20

Another tough week in the works!

Monday - swim 4000 at the YMCA outdoor pool with the obligatory ride down the slide

Tuesday - Ride 2.5 hours w/9 x 10 min fast/5 min easy, then off the bike for a 45 min run (middle 15 min at IM pace). This workout hurt at the end. Waited until late in the day to do it, and diet wasn't optimal. Ride went well, but the run was harder.

Wednesday - Run 19 miles with Ruth at 5:45 am. Started out doing the 6 min normal - 2 min faster, 1 min walk, but Ruth fell about 90 min into the run, and I just didn't have any more juice in the tank. I was lucky I finished the run at all - time 2:37

Thursday - Ride 50 miles (3 hours) with Jack, Shelley, Lars, and new guy Phil. Nice morning, ride was good.

Friday- 5,000 swim - 300 w/u, 12 x 300 (odds smooth, evens build speed) w/20 SR, and then 10 x 100 IM - overall felt good. Then went down the water slide two times - wheee!

Saturday - the Super Brick Workout
40 mile ride, 5 mile run, 40 mile ride, 5 mile run, 40 mile run, 4 mile run
Total time: 9:45
Ride time: 7:07
Run times (total): 1:55 - yep held average about 8 min miles

Started at 7:00 am with Sabo and Jack. Sabo got through the first set, but on the second ride his tire blew. Found out he hitched a ride back to the cars, but haven't heard if he finished his riding...hmmmm.

This left Jack and I. Initially I thought he was only going to do maybe 1 or 2 legs of the workout, but then he informed me (well, never really informed me, but when he kept getting his running shoes on, or his biking shoes on it became apparent) that he would need more fluids.

Anyway, he truly helped keep me going. For the last leg of the ride we decided to go a different route. Which of course brought up some arguments, but that was all good as it helped to get the brain back into functioning mode. At one point we needed an extra 3 miles to be able to finish. We headed out down the Dogue road to route 3, I thought we were to turn onto 3 and finish (thus being 2 or so miles short, and at this point I could have cared less), but nope....Jack wanted us to turn back, and then finish the normal way. It was almost like telling a kid that they weren't going to have a birthday party. Yes, I was sort of disappointed, but at the same time I was also determined to finish the entire ride (turns out we did 41.5 miles).

I was amazed that our last run we still maintained close to an 8:00 mile effort. And it helped to know that there was a hose with fresh cool water to wash us down as soon as we finished.

Kona here I come.