Monday, October 09, 2006

Week of 10/2 -10/8

Easy week!

Typical swim on Monday, easy 60 min run on Tuesday, LR on Wednesday, Easy 90 min ride on Thursday, Friday a swim, and Saturday off (went to see Max swim at college), then 3 hour ride on Sunday w/short run off the bike.

Highlight of the week? Watching Irene turn into a Triathlete! Of course she wasn't too keen on the swim, but I think we have the makings of the most reluctant triathlete that there ever was. She looked great on the ride and run, and was able to pass a ton of folks on both sections of the race.

More importantly? She helped to motivate me for my coming race. It's always easy for a coach to think that doing one of these races is really no big deal, but for the majority the first swim is always the hardest thing most first timers ever have to do.

To be able to face your fears and overcome them is no small feat. So hopefully I can match Irene's courage at Kona!

Week - 9/30-10/2

Well...that last big triple brick didn't happen. We got started, and in 5 miles of the ride I just didn't feel right. Sometimes this feeling goes away once I warm up, but it kept getting worse. Something was not right, so I made the executive decision to stop the workout and go home and sleep.

Yep...a nap. A four hour nap to be precise. And then off to bed early that night. Up in the morning I felt better and decided to do a 60 mile ride. That sort of helped to make up for the missed workout, but I knew that it was the right thing in the long run.

So this past week I had my LAST big workout week.

Monday - 5000 swim
Tuesday - 3 hour ride with speed thrown in, and a run post ride
Wednesday - 14 mile run with speed work thrown in (1 mile, 1200, 2 x 600, 3 x 400, 3 x 200) - lots of fun!
Thursday - 3 hour ride
Friday - swim long again
Saturday - ride 2 hours
Sunday - Long ride 100 miles (alternate 10 miles easy, 10 miles hard) then 7 mile run. Rode the Cannonball Century - 5:25, and had a great ride!

Taper time!