Sunday, November 19, 2006

November Recovery

So November is almost at it's end! I've had a great recovery post IM, and have been doing just whatever my little brain feels like doing. Nothing really structured, but just making sure that I do a little something almost every day. If I miss a day...big deal!

Have been doing core work with friends, and trying to keep my running going. Am trying out mountain biking for the next couple of weeks....just to see if I want to get a mountain bike itself.

Did N'Telos 8k in Richmond last week - 32:54. Race itself was o.k, but my recovery isn't quite over yet. Legs felt great, but the heart/lungs were not too happy with me. Turkey Trot is Thursday - so a short 5k that will be painful is in order for the day. Besides that it will be a food fest!