Friday, September 01, 2006

Wed. Night Track Workout

On Wednesdays I coach a track workout for my runners. This week was no exception, other than the fact that I got to have Tammy Muncee sing me 'Happy Birthday' in a very loud and wonderful voice, and I got to bring home about a case of beer!

Bill R had marathon pace miles to do, which of course he did at Hartwood 10 mile pace. Caren Walker stuck to her times for 6 x 1200, and Tammy and Wendy Taylor are just newbies on the track and they did 6 x 400 w/200 jog at 80% effort.

The rest of the crowd (Deb, DanP, JackM, ScottM, BobMac, and NickD) did 1200's - 800 at 10k effort, then 200 at 5k effort, then 200 at full out speed. Scott averaged 3:55's with the lowest being 3:45, and Bob at 4:05's (give or take a few seconds). Nick and Jack held them at 4:15-20's, and Dan around 5:05 and Deb at 5:15.

Week - 8/28 to 9/3

It's Birthday week! And what does Debi get to do on this week?

Monday - swim 5000
Tuesday - run 30 min, ride 2 hours (30ez, 30 at Oly pace, 30 ez, 15 Oly pace, 15 ez), then 30 min run (10ez, 10fast, 10 ez). It must have been high 90's and humidity off the chart. After my first 30 min run I was drenched. The good news is that you do get to cool down on the ride. That and towards the end a storm blew through and dropped the temps to 75 (from 95 when I started riding), so the last run went off without a hitch.
Wed - off (was supposed to run long today, but have moved it to Sunday)
Thur - Did Saturday's workout (didn't want two hard days back to back) - 112 miles ride (did 114) as 10 miles ez, 10 at oly, 10 at HIM, 10 at IM, then repeat that mix, and then 10 ez, 15 at IM pace, 10+ ez. Then it was off the bike for a 45 min run (15ez, 15LT, 15ez). Rode with Shelley (the wheel sucker), Betsy Butler and Sherry. Sherry has now learned that she can't drink Red Bull on her rides. Causes the HR to jack up to the stratosphere, and slows her down. Me? It just gives me wings! Ride was hard, but could have been worse. The temps held on average of 70 degrees, and for the most part the rain preceeding Tropical Storm Ernesto stayed away. Run was uneventful, and managed rather well.
Today (Friday) I have to figure out when I'm going to swim. Lunch time wiht the ladies to celebrate the coming 48th year.
Saturday - 3 hour easy ride + 20 min run
Sunday - 14 mile run with speed thrown in.

Week - 8/20-27

This week was a recovery week! Easy stuff.

I moved my easy ride on Sunday to Monday (due to family stuff), swam on Tuesday, ran long with Ruth on Wed (14 miles), took Thursday off, swim Friday, easy ride and 15 min run on Saturday, and then had to race on Sunday.

Hartwood 10 miler: 1:12:44 - 4th overall, 1st Masters (well, Ruth was first, but she finished 3rd).
It was as humid as it was air temperature. Plan was to start out at around 7:20 pace, and then slowly drop the time down to 7:00 or better. Had Ruth, Mike Brooks, and Dan Peterson to join in the run party.

First couple of miles went well, and we were right on target. Then the hills really hit. I never seem to remember just how hilly this course is. And each year it's like a slap in the face. It's one thing to run it easy, but to demand your body to run it hard takes a lot more out of you.

Either way I told the gang that I wasn't going to be picking up any speed, and that I was most likely going to stay right where I was (which on average is what we did, so that was a success). By mile 8 though Ruth had some gas in her tank and she took off. She asked if I was o.k....and I told her to go for it. Then Dan went with her (he had a great race). Me and Mike finished relatively strong, but that one mile when Ruth and Dan pulled ahead took some of the steam out of our sails for a short bit of time before we recovered (or I did). I think all it took was for Rolondo to pass me with a bit more of a mile to go when I got re-energized. Didn't repass him, but he didn't get any further out in front of me.

Oh well....another year down the drain with Hartwood. The good news is that I got to jump in the water and do a nice long cool down swim.