Sunday, March 02, 2008

Swim workouts 3/3 to 3/9

Sweet and simple this week!

Workout #1

Group A

Group B



200 swim, 200 kick, 200 scull/pull by 25's

100 swim, 100 kick, 100 scull/pull by 25's

Warm up


6 x (300 swim + 50 kick no board) w/30 SR

6 x (150 + 50 kick) w/30 SR

Swim is done at LT effort (zone 3 or level 4)


800 pull, every 4th 25 is scull w/paddles

400 pull, every 4th 25 is scull w/paddles (or without)

Smooth effort, but use the paddles to get a feel of the sculling motion





Workout #2

400 easy swim

200 easy swim

Warm up


400 swim

200 swim

First 150 is long and smooth, pick up last 250. B group, first 50 is long, pickup last 150


2 x 50 back + 2 x 200 free w/20 SR between all

2 x 25 back + 2 x 100 free w/20 Sr

Focus on good technique with the back, and then when doing free first ½ is long and smooth, then pick up the pace to hard effort for the last ½


2 x 50 back + 4 x 100 IM

2 x 25 back + 2 x 100 free

All w/20 SR – focus on long strokes for all, keep HR below L3


150 easy

100 easy

Loosen up


6 x 125 Pull w/paddles w/20 sec rest

6 x 75 pull w/paddles w/20 sr

Good steady effort


8 x 25 fast! w/40 SR

4 x 25 FAST w/40 SR

FAST Free!


200 easy cool down

100 easy cool down

Throw some drills in here




Rob’s Question

What is multi-planar core training? It seems that even as Triathletes or just Runners we have a tendency to only move in one plane (or direction) and that is straight ahead. We do very little of the kind of training that works the whole body, or even better we seem to have not been able to keep our stabilizing muscles strong – the ones where when you plant your foot down while running that our body can be stabilized and not twist/rock/roll and totally screw up our body.

We really need to focus not only on the abdominals and back, but also the hip flexors, and primarily the Gluteus Medius. Here is a link that you can read a bit more as long as you don't mind the blatant advertising.

Multi-plane core exercise can be anything from throwing a medicine ball around with a friend, to going down into lunge position and reaching sideways with arms, to standing on one leg and holding small weights and working on the arm motion of running.