Friday, August 11, 2006

What to wear?

Biggest issue now is what to wear for the swim at Hawaii. Waiting to hear back from some sources who've had years of experience there.

All I know is that I don't want to end up with the same chafing or drag issues I did last time. And my 3-Sport outfit is like wearing a freaking parachute in the water.

On the Road to Kona

In the past 8 weeks I've slowly built up both my bike mileage, but more importantly my confidence that I will do well at Kona.

From the occasional Triple Brick workout to the long rides, or the torturous LONG running workouts.....I feel stronger than ever!

Since this is my recovery week there won't be much to post as to what I've done, but I am enjoying the break.

This week:
Monday - easy swim. Water too warm, and only able to get in 2000 yards (I think I might be exagerrating here)
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - 75 min easy ride + 20 min off bike.
Thursday - 90 min swim workout. Total=5,000 meters, plus I got to go down the HUGE water slide afterwards
Friday - 8 mile run easy. Was supposed to run with Ruth at 6:00 am, but it seems I've been scratching my brain (see "Benchwarmers") too much and set my alarm for 6 instead of 5. Might go for easy 60 min ride later.
Saturday - 3 hour ride
Sunday - scheduled 4 x 3 miles at: 1 mile moderate, 1 mile at tempo, 800 at 10k, 800 at 5k - workout.