Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training for 9/18 to 24

Another hard week is in store for me!

Monday - swim 6000 meters + walk/measure the Braswell 5k course with Terry
Tuesday - Ride 3 hours (1 ez, 1 hard, 1 easy - hours) and run 45 min
Wednesday - run 2:45 with pick-up pace every two miles
Thursday - Ride 3 hours easy
Friday - run 6 miles + swim 5000
Saturday - Ride 40, run 5 miles, Ride 40, run 5, Ride 40, run 4
Sunday - Ride 2-3 hours easy

Week - 9/11-18

Recovery Week!

Last week was time to play. Nothing really hard, with the exception of the Jimbo 5k PR Challenge Race on Sunday. I was scheduled to run 8 miles so I made sure to warm up 3 miles before the race.

Competition is fierce in the Masters group for the Grand Prix Series, and Ruth, Cathy, and I are neck in neck. Only 2 points seperates each of us.

So I decided to take out the race hard. I know that this would throw off some people, and that by attacking the first mile I would be able to shake the 'trees' so to speak.

At mile 2 Ruth passed me...and then Julia Smith. I could hear Cathy behind me (and then I felt guilty for taking it out so hard, as she sounded like she was getting ready to have a full blown asthma attack), and knew that I couldn't let her pass me.

The last mile was tough. By the time we had a 1/2 mile to go I re-passed Julia (which I found hard to believe), and I just kept working hard to keep Cathy from cruising by me. Finish time was 19:52, 19;53 (Cathy), and 19:56 (Julia). Ruth spanked us with a 19:38.

Then we had a great cool down with Deb, Ruth, Johanna Allen (speedster, and winner of the race) and a young high school girl Leah Schubel. All in all a fun time was had by all!