Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swim workouts 3/31-4/6

Got a busy week planned ahead! Leave on Thursday to attend the USAT Level 2 Coaches Certification Seminar down in Chapel Hill. So hopefully I'll be learning some new and exciting things that I can give my clients. One of the guest speakers is Bobby McGee (author of 'Magical Running') so I'm looking forward to meeting him and picking his brains.

Everyone had a great weekend of racing – couldn't be happier!

Group A

Group B

Description/Rest Interval

Distance (a/b)

6 x 100

3 x 100

25 swim, 25 kick on side, 25 drill, 25 swim – RI is 15 Sec


5 x 200

5 x 100

Good steady effort – free w/30 SR


10 x 100

10 x 50

Odds Free fast, evens choice stroke – no free please – w/30 SR




Pull w/paddles – long strokes, and focus on control and rotation of the hips




Cool down by drilling




Workout #2

Group A

Group B

Description/Rest Interval

Distance (a/b)

10 x 50

6 x 50

25 swim, 25 drill (see below) w/10 SR


3 x 1000

3 x 500

As follows: #1 – every 4th 25 is backstroke, #2 – every 4th 25 is FAST free, #3 is for A group – 500 IM by 25's (100IM+100IM…etc), then 500 free quick . B group is 250 backstroke/250 freestyle quick – all with 1 MR between


8 x 50

8 x 25

FAST FREE w/30 SR – blast it




Cool down drills



Drill of the week – Catch up freestyle with undulation (no real free kick) – start off by undulating off the wall (think dead man float with dolphin kick – in other words you will be ON TOP OF THE WATER). For undulation focus on pressing the chest down each time your hand enters the water (hands in, chest down, hips up). Both arms are in front in superman position (remember to look for criminals at the bottom of the pool) – press chest, stroke with one arm, breath to the side, hand recovers back to superman, now do the same with the other arm!

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KayVee said...

Bobby McGee???? How will you not be tempted to burst into song? "Good enough for me and Bobby McGee. La da la la la, la da la la la da la La da da la la la Bobby McGeeeeeee..."